Edging Profiles

Edging Profiles Granite Works November 1, 2021

Whether for pool coping, step treads or retaining wall capping, it’s important to know the difference between edge profiles to make sure you end up with the right profile for your project. All of our edge details are finished with the same texture as specified on the top of the stone.

Double Pencil Round

The Double Pencil Round is the most common profile for modern pool coping, step treads and wall capping. This profile only slightly rounds off the top and bottom edges of the paver.
Abbreviations : “DBL PR” or “2xPR”

Single Pencil Round

The Pencil Round, or Single Pencil Round, is often used when a riser will be sitting directly under the edge of the capping or pool coping.
Abbreviations : “PR” or “1xPR”

Full Bullnose

The Full Bullnose was most popular 10-20 years ago and is now rarely found outside of traditional or heritage projects. This edge detail still has it’s place but is not as common as it used to be.
Abbreviations : “FULL BN” or “BN”

Half Bullnose

As with the Single Pencil Round, the Half Bullnose is often used when the riser will be sitting directly under the edge of the pool coping, step tread or wall capping.
Abbreviations : “HALF BN” or “1/2 BN”

Chamfer / Arris

The Chamfer is a great alternative to the Pencil Round when a nice, clean edge is required. This edge detail is available in a range of different sizes to suit any project.
Abbreviations : “1xArris” or “1xChamfer”

Drop Down

The Drop Down is fast becoming one of the most popular edge details for pool coping. Our standard Drop Down depth is 60mm but we can produce to almost any size required.

Abbreviations : “Drop” or “1xDrop” or “Drop Face”

45 Mitred Joint

The 45 Mitred Joint is often used as an alternative to a Drop Down or when joining two vertical edges around a corner.

Abbreviations : “1xMitre”

Birdsmouth Joint

The Birdsmouth Joint is an alternative to a 45� Mitred Joint and is designed to protect the edges of the stone.

Abbreviations : “BM” or “1xBM”

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