Granite or Bluestone? Granite Works January 20, 2021

Granite or Bluestone?

Remodelling, landscaping and paving can be a nightmare when you don’t know what option is actually most suitable. Something we’re often asked is, “What’s better? Granite or Bluestone?”

While it’s a straightforward question, there is no real straightforward answer. Granite and Bluestone are both equally good, however, they do have slight differences.

Here’s a quick summary of the two:

  • Granite is (generally) harder wearing, however, both stones are renowned for their durability and strength.
  • Both Bluestone pavers and Granite pavers can be used in a number of applications, including both indoors and outdoor areas.
  • Bluestone is more porous and may require more cleaning, whereas Granite usually requires less maintenance.
  • Granite pavers come in hundreds of different colours. Bluestone pavers, typically, only comes in shades of blue and grey.
  • When installed correctly, and assuming the stone is fit for purpose, both Bluestone pavers and Granite pavers should perform excellently.

Common applications for Bluestone include bridges, driveways, walls, steps, landings, indoor projects, outdoor paving areas, walkways and patios.

Bluestone is commonly selected for its aesthetic qualities and deep link to Victorian history. It’s also very strong, dense and durable.


The applications for Granite are extensive but range from external paving, internal tiling, pool coping, wall cladding, capping and benchtops.

Granite is often selected for its hard wearing nature and flexible use over multiple applications. With colours from white, grey and black through to blue, green and yellow there’s a Granite option to suit most needs.

If you’re still unsure about the application and suitability of Granite pavers or Bluestone pavers, give the knowledgeable team at Granite Works a call for more information. Generally speaking, deciding on one or the other usually, boils down to personal preference. Granite Works is Australias most trusted supplier of Natural Stone, making it easy for you to trust the professionals!

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