Bluestone Cobblestones

Having been used in landscapes throughout the word for hundreds of years. Bluestone cobblestones really are a timeless classic. Due to the smaller sizing of typical cobblestones, generally 100x100mm, they have a strength and versatility not found in larger format paving. This adaptability makes them an ideal choice for a number of applications in both residential and commercial landscapes.

Split Bluestone Cobblestones MelbourneCommon Uses

Due to the smaller sizing and increased thickness of Bluestone Cobblestones their inherent strength is phenomenal. For this reason, they’re often used in areas where heavy machinery or vehicular access is required. In comparison to the larger, thinner Bluestone pavers the Bluestone Cobblestones can withstand an incredible amount of weight and will literally last a lifetime.

We also often see cobblestones used extensively in landscapes as feature and border paving. Often produced with natural split edges they have a unique appearance and texture which can add a new level of interest to any project. Their smaller dimensions and distinctive finish means they can also be utilised to follow curves, a feat which can be difficult to mimic with the larger, more modern stone pavers.

Available Finishes

Due to the versatility of Bluestone Cobblestones, we can custom produce them in numerous finishes depending on your application.

Tumbled Bluestone Cobblestones Melbourne

Most commonly cobblestones are seen in a natural split finish – that is they’re split, or rough, on all six sides. This¬†finish is hundreds, if not thousands, of years old and can be seen all over the world. Residents of Melbourne would be familiar with the old, traditional cobblestones still found in our inner-city streets. Though these have been worn down over years of heavy traffic, they would have been more textured and non-slip when they were installed.

Another contemporary finish is the Flamed Top, Split Sides, and Sawn bottom cobblestones. While more commonly seen in Granite, we still produce Bluestone Cobblestones in this finish. Where the Natural Split finish can be quite uneven the Flamed top brings a flat, more uniform, finish to the cobblestones. With a more consistently flat top, the Flamed Cobblestones are great for residential applications where garden furniture might be used, or children might ride their bikes.

Pictured above are Tumbled Bluestone Cobblestones. This finish has been designed to replicate a softer, worn appearance which can lend an old-world charm to your project. If you’re interested in a European style, then this finish might be perfect.

Maintaining a non-slip texture across all of our finishes is something of utmost importance to us at Granite Works. If you have any questions about Bluestone Cobblestones, please send us an email or give our office a call.

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