Bluestone coping on rooftop pool

Bluestone Pool Coping

Bluestone has long been one of the most popular paving choices in Victoria and that trend is spreading through-out Australia. The light, neutral tone of Bluestone Pool Coping blends seamlessly with pool tiles.

Given the high demand of Bluestone Pool Coping we keep a substantial amount in stock, but we encourage our customers to think outside the box and order custom coping for their pools. With our highly experience stone masons we can create pool coping to almost any shape and size, so why be limited to what we have in stock?

Stock sizes available

Standard Pool Coping
800x400x30mm + Double Pencil Round x 1 Long Edge
1000x300x30mm + Double Pencil Round x 1 Long Edge

Drop Down Pool Coping
800x400x30/60mm + Drop x 1 Long Edge
1000x250x30/60mm + Drop x 1 Long Edge
1000x300x30/60mm + Drop x 1 Long Edge
1000x500x30/60mm + Drop x 1 Long Edge

Drop down bluestone pool coping

Non-Slip and Hard Wearing

One of the most important aspects when selecting your pool coping is slip-resistance. Even with a smooth, Sawn finish, Bluestone retains a non-slip surface while feeling great underfoot and soft when sitting around the pool. Despite being more pourous than Granite, Bluestone is a hard wearing product and will hold up well over time in even the most harsh environments.

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