Bluestone Pitcher Pavers

These beautiful reclaimed Victorian Bluestone pitchers have been salvaged from the buildings and streets of Melbourne and lovingly repurposed for a new market.

The history of Victorian Bluestone dates back to the 1850s when the first Bluestone Pitchers were produced in Melbourne. Split initially by hand to a size of roughly 300x200x150mm these pitchers are synonymous with Melbourne laneways and the streets of the Melbourne CBD.

We have taken these pitchers, and hand-cut each piece into our 20mm thick pitcher pavers, the perfect size and finish for both residential and commercial landscapes.

Stock sizes available

Lengths vary from 100-400mm
Widths vary from 180-200mm 
Thickness is 20mm 

The precise dimensions of these pitcher pavers are out of our control – remember, these were initially produced up to 170 years ago! If you’re interested in a more precise paver, please look at our Premium Bluestone.

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