Cutting, Edging and Flaming Services

Granite Works offer local services to take care of your urgent cutting, edging and flaming needs. For a quick turn around and the best results let our professional and experienced staff take care of your natural stone.

Our services are for anyone with any natural stone products – whether originally purchased from us or from another supplier. 

Stone paver cutting - Granite Works

Cutting from $12/lm

Do you have leftover pavers that are too big, or not the right size? Have you purchased pool coping which is too wide? We can cut anything up to 1300mm long and 100mm thick.

Edging stone - Granite Works

Edging from $21/lm

A Pencil Round or Arris is the perfect way to finish step treads, pool coping and wall capping. After detailing the stone we also make sure to remove any saw marks, matching the surface of the stone.

Stone flaming - Granite Works - flamed finish

Flaming from $35/lm

Flaming is a delicate process and should only be undertaken by professionals. Granite Works have years of experience with this technique and would like to offer the service to the landscape industry.

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