Natural Stone – Granite

Granite is one of the world’s hardest wearing and most durable natural products. This makes it the perfect choice for almost any application – from paving, and pool coping to walling and even benchtops. Granite is also found naturally in hundreds of colours, and a can have a multitude of finishes applied to the surface, which allows for almost endless combinations.

While we carry our most popular colours in stock, we also source Granite from all over the world. 

Stock Granite (available now)

Silver Grey, Flamed

Silver Grey

Tasman Grey, Flamed

Tasman Grey

Nero Notte, Flamed

Nero Notte

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Bespoke Granite (produced to order)

White Grey, Flamed

White Grey

Rustic, Flamed


Pearl White, Flamed

Pearl White

Field Green, Flamed

Field Green

Salt n Pepper, Flamed

Salt n Pepper

Aniseed, Flamed


Sahara Gold, Honed

Sahara Gold

Light Yellow, Fine Bush Hammer

Light Yellow

Mustard, Sandblasted


Burgundy, Flamed


Yanshan Green, Flamed

Yanshan Green

Aston Grey, Flamed

Aston Grey

Arctic White, Sandblasted

Arctic White