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If you’re looking to create the ultimate outdoor or indoor space, you can’t go past bluestone paving. As Melbourne’s natural stone specialists, Granite Works source and supply stunning bluestone tiles of the best quality from all over the world.  Whether you know exactly what you want, or are looking for inspiration, the expert team at Granite Works can help you find beautiful bluestone paving for your next project.

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Custom Finishes

In addition to our standard Sawn texture we can also apply a number of alternative finishes to our Bluestones. Each of these unique finishes brings it’s own personality to the stone, highlighting different colours and adding elements of depth and tone.

Bluestone Cobblestones are one of our most popular paving choices for driveways and feature pavers.



Fine Bush Hammer

Natural Split

What is Bluestone? 

Bluestone, also known as Basalt, is an elegant natural stone that has been used throughout Australia for over 100 years and continues to be one of the most widely used natural stones in both residential and commercial settings.

As Victoria’s most popular natural material, bluestone is a fine-grained, hard-wearing igneous rock famed for its sleek appearance and versatility. 

Generally found in neutral to dark tones with exquisite veining and cats-paws throughout, it’s a true statement stone.  

Where is Bluestone Paving Used? 

Bluestone pavers are exceptionally durable and look fantastic in any alfresco or landscaping project, making them ideal for everything from bluestone pool coping and floor tiles to walls and cladding. 

Transform courtyards and  gardens into fresh, open spaces, construct stunning feature walls and water features, or make your driveway dazzle; the possibilities are endless. 

Bluestone is also a great choice for indoors. You can opt for bluestone bathroom tiles or even lay them in the kitchen for a rustic, luxurious finish. 

Why Choose Bluestone Tiles?

A great advantage of bluestone paving is that it performs incredibly well in harsh conditions. Unlike ceramic tiles or paving materials such as slate or concrete, bluestone isn’t slippery when wet thanks to its slightly sawn surface. 

For this reason, bluestone paving is well-suited to weather exposed outdoor spaces and indoor wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry floors. 

Bluestone is a timeless stone that will suit commercial premises’ and homes of any style; contemporary, mid-century, art-deco, character and more.

Premium Bluestone Pavers 

When it comes to natural stone, only the best will do. Our stringent quality process allows only A-grade raw material to be selected and packed for our customers. This ensures that every project is supplied to our high standards.

For time sensitive projects, we stock popular bluestone paving on hand, such as pitcher pavers, organic rounds and bluestone crazy paving. But you’re not limited to just these few options; we also custom source bluestone to meet your specific application and style.

Bespoke Projects

We pride ourselves on helping clients bring their dream projects to fruition with beautiful and exclusive bespoke bluestone. 

If you’re feeling inspired, you don’t have to settle for stock-standard stone. Choose custom, sophisticated finishes for your project and bring depth and personality through different colours and tones.

The lead times on bespoke projects can vary depending on where the bluestone is sourced and how intricate the custom production is, but you can guarantee it will be worth the wait.

Specialist Bluestone Suppliers

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means delivering high-quality stone and working closely with you to select suitable bluestone pavers and manufacture them to your unique specifications. 

Here at Granite Works, we’re the industry-leading bluestone supplier in Melbourne. Whether you’re a tradie, architect or just seeking stone for your own property, we have you covered. Contact us today to see how we can help you create a functional, sophisticated and durable space with bluestone paving. Call 03 9813 5999. 

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