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If you’re searching for a stone with true wow factor, you can’t go past marble tiles. Granite Works are proud to be one of Melbourne’s leading marble suppliers, specialising in the supply of superior quality marble stone from all over the world. Whether you know exactly what you want, or are looking for inspiration, the expert team at Granite Works can help you find stunning marble tiles for your project. 

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Custom Finishes

Our Bespoke range of granite is sourced and produced to order. This allows you the most control over your project as we work together to select the stone and manufacture to the sizes at your specifications. The lead times on bespoke projects can vary depending on where the stone originates and how intricate the custom production is.

Light YellowBespoke (6-8 week leadtime)

What is Marble? 

Marble is a metamorphic rock that begins as limestone, but slowly transforms under extensive heat and pressure, recrystalising into a glistening, hard-wearing stone. It has been used around the globe since ancient times for sculptures and construction and remains very popular today. 

The term ‘marble’ itself is derived from ancient Greek and means ‘shining stone’ and is well known for its vast colour palette, sparkling mineral swirls and veins and durable nature. 

Where is Marble Tiling Used? 

Marble is a very versatile stone that is used across a wide range of applications across commercial, industrial and residential projects. 

The stone redefines luxury, adds refinement and refreshes any space instantly whether it be indoors or outdoors. 

With marble, the possibilities are endless. Marble floor tiles, marble benchtops, mosaics and wall cladding are beautiful additions to any room, while marble pavers create a stunning pool-side or patio to relax in.

Why Choose Marble Tiles? 

Marble tiles are popular for many reasons. They’re extremely durable, very hard-wearing and shatter resistant as well as being an excellent insulator by staying cool in summer and warm in winter.  

It probably comes as no surprise that marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones. Famed for its reflective properties, flecks of sparkle and regal aesthetic, it will spruce up any space with little effort. 

From character and contemporary homes to modern commercial buildings, marble is the go-to stone for those seeking sophistication without compromising on quality.

Elegant, Timeless and Unique 

‘Wow factor’ is the true essence of marble. With it’s elegant, timeless and unique look, you can create a luxurious, yet practical space that makes an impact in all of the right ways. 

At Granite Works, we only supply the best marble to our customers. With our rigorous quality control process, you can rest assured that every marble tile is sourced from premier quarries and supplied to our high standards.

For time sensitive projects, we have a select range of popular marble on hand such as Silver Tundra. If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, we can produce bespoke orders too.

Stunning Custom Marble 

When it comes to your project, you shouldn’t be limited to stock-standard options. This is where custom marble comes in. 

All bespoke marble tiles at Granite Works are sourced and produced to order, giving you more control over your project as we work together to select the perfect stone and manufacture it to your unique specifications. 

With custom marble, you can find stone that matches your desired aesthetic and meets your application requirements. From white marble, black marble and grey marble to porcelain marble, marble Carrara tiles and everything in between, we can find it for you. 

The lead times on bespoke projects can vary depending on where the marble is sourced and how intricate the custom production is, but you can guarantee it will be worth the wait!

Marble Suppliers Melbourne 

We pride ourselves on being a leading marble supplier in Melbourne and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired project outcomes.  

Whether you’re a tradie, architect or just seeking stone for your own property, our natural stone specialists have you covered. Contact us today to see how we can help you create a functional, elegant and memorable space with marble tiles. Call 03 9813 5999

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