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If you’re looking for the perfect feature for your next landscaping project, organic steppers are the perfect solution. As a dedicated natural stone specialist, we are Melbourne’s most trusted supplier of  stepping stones to enhance any commercial or residential external space. Do you know exactly what you want? Or are you seeking some inspiration? Whatever the case, the team at Granite Works can help you find organic steppers to suit any project.

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Custom Finishes

Our Bespoke range of Limestone is sourced and produced to order. This allows you the most control over your project as we work together to select the stone and manufacture to the sizes at your specifications. The lead times on bespoke projects can vary depending on where the stone originates from and how intricate the custom production is.


Jazz WhiteBespoke (8-10 week leadtime)

Green LimestoneBespoke (6-8 week leadtime)

Fossil LimestoneBespoke (12-14 week leadtime)

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Sleek, Stylish & Sophisticated Organic Steppers 

We know our clients want their projects to stand out, which is why we source unique, stylish and contemporary organic steppers that complement any landscape design and architectural style.

Whether for commercial courtyards or home gardens, these stones add kerbside appeal and sophistication to outdoor spaces. Stepping stones are ideal for statement walkways and trendy patios and can withstand harsh Australian conditions.  From bluestone and porphyry to granite and limestone, each stepper brings its own unique natural markings for an exclusive appearance. 

Our premium-quality organic stepping stones are water and weather resistant, durable and timeless. Create a rustic look or add a touch of luxury; whatever look you want to achieve, organic steppers are a simple and stunning choice.

Custom Projects 

All organic steppers are subject to our stringent quality control processes. Our custom and standard range of steppers are selected from A-grade raw stone and checked before packing to ensure premium quality. 

With over 20 years in the industry, custom projects are our true passion. 

We stock a range of natural stone steppers but can also order custom stepping stones to meet your desired specifications; choose from various sizes, textures and finishes to create cohesion and refinement. 

The lead times on bespoke projects can vary depending on where the stone tile originates and how intricate the custom production is, but you can guarantee it will be worth the wait!

Stepping Stone Suppliers Melbourne 

As a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne, we know what you need. When it comes to aesthetics, durability and premium quality, our range of organic steppers are sure to impress. 

Whether you’re a tradie, architect, or just buying stepping stones for your own property, we have you covered. Contact us today to explore our variety of high-quality organic steppers or to place a custom order. Call 03 9813 5999.  

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