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The Manly glass mosaic tiles from the Australian Designer Range are all about adding a touch of elegance and shimmer to your pool. The gentle light blue creates a soothing and inviting pool surface, setting the stage for leisurely dips. The metallic shine adds a modern twist and a playful sparkle that dances with the sunlight. Dive into the world of aquatic luxury with these light blue, metallic glass mosaic pool tiles.


  • 100% Recycled Glass
  • JointPoint® system
  • AS 3958.7-2007 Compliant
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification
  • ISO 14021 Product Environmental Certification
  • Moisture Resistant



Stock sizes available

Mosaic Size

  • 25 x 25 x 4.8mm

Sheet Size

  • 495 x 312 mm


  • 1 Box = 2 m2 (13 sheets)

Technical Information

JointPoint System®

JointPoint System

A small uniform point rigorously controlled

Technique is in the Ezarri DNA. As expert manufacturers, the complex is made simple. Therein lies Ezarri's unique competitive edge. The JointPoint® system is a prime example of their commitment to technological precision and innovation.

  • This system leaves 92% of the mosaic surface free for applying the adhesive, which means greater durability.
  • Its unique composition adapts to any curve or shape, ensuring maximum flexibility and strength. Working around obstacles is straightforward with the simple, easy-to-cut system.
  • Its flexibility and adaptability make it extremely easy to install, saving up to 25% of installation time.
  • As moisture does not affect it, there is no expansion, shrinkage or breakage.

Quality Certifications

Ezarri is the first glass mosaic company to obtain ISO 9001 Quality Certification, which recognises the maturity and efficiency of our environmental management system while at the same time confirming our commitment to a strategy of continuous improvement.

Environmental Certifications

Ezarri is a company that is fully aware of the importance of environmental care and sustainable development.

One hundred percent of the glass used as raw material is recycled glass.

Ezarri holds the ISO 14021 Product Environmental Certification, which guarantees that Ezarri has implemented a control system to ensure that 100% of the glass used is recycled and that at least 96% of Ezarri mosaics are made from recycled glass raw materials, with the remaining 4% being colouring and JointPoint® components.

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