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Stone House Armadale Granite Works January 17, 2021
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20 January 2021


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Standing tall in the heart of Armadale, this monolithic Melbourne family home remains one of our largest projects to date. 

Completed in 2016, this three-storey rustic, Mediterranean oasis featured a variety of custom-produced natural granite for an entirely unique aesthetic, reminiscent of ancient Grecian homes.

Prior to the building of ‘stonehouse,’ the clients sought durable, sophisticated and bold natural stone to compliment the ambitious project. With this in mind, granite was a perfect choice offering up a variety of textures and finishes. 

The granite façade appears almost to float with a cloud-like softness, contrasting the hefty grit of the 260 tonne shell of granite encasing the building.

The natural texture and irregularity of the split-faced stone cladding created a rugged surface effect animated by the shadows of the sun throughout the day. 

In addition to the cladding, we provided rustic, granite Flamed paving and Honed tiles that softens the look and adds refinement. 

Our intricate stone craftsmanship in combination with the architectural detailing brings to life a modular masterpiece that is strong and striking without being stark and unfeeling.

Of course, our stone was made all the more spectacular with the help of gorgeous landscaping and architectural design. Working closely with B.E Architecture, we were able create truly showstopping family home.

We are extremely proud to have been part of such an enormous and impactful project and are glad to see the owners enjoying their home.

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