Beautiful, Custom Skimmer Lids

Pool Safe

All HIDE lids can only be accessed with the Safety Key, so they are 100% pool safety compliant with AU standards.

Easy to Use

HIDE covers are compact, and super easy to remove. After care is also a breeze, at little-to-no time and cost. 

Gone are the days of unsightly plastic skimmer box lids and hand cut pavers.

Using your choice of natural stone, porcelain or concrete, the HIDE Skimmer Lid has been designed to blend seamlessly into your paving project while adhering to Australian Safety Standards.

DIY or Complete Options Available!

Complete Skimmer Lid 

Whether using our stone, or a product supplied by our customer, the Complete Skimmer Lid comes ready for installation. We have a huge range of stone to select from, otherwise you’re welcome to supply your own product which we will cut and fit to the lid of your choice.

This is our most popular option and doesn’t require any technical experience!

DIY Skimmer Lid

This kit includes almost everything you need to make your own skimmer lid. All you need to supply are the cutting tools and your choice of insert – stone, porcelain, timber, etc.

This option requires a certain amount of technical proficiancy, but any landscapers, builder or tradey shouldn’t have a problem putting this kit together. 

Beautiful Finish

A totally intergrated, flish finish means the HIDE cover is essentially invisible. Your pool landscape is not interrupted by a bulky or mismatched lid.

High Grade

Marine grade, 316 stainless steel components mean a durable, long-lasting product with a warranty. 

Long Life

The HIDE steel frames protect the inlay material and surrounding paving, preventing breakages and future batch headaches. 


HIDE covers represent excellent value for money – quality, long-life products with a high-grade finish and no-fuss installation.

Do you have any questions? We’d love to hear from you!

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