Stone Cladding & Walling

Grampian Wall Cladding on Fireplace

Stone cladding, or feature walling, is one of the easiest and cost effective ways of adding interest to your project and value to your home. With our fantastic range of natural stone walling we can provide both traditional and modern finishes, there’s something to suit every style of home. Granite Works, located at Melbourne is most trustable name in Stone Cladding & Walling.

Natural Format & Bookleaf Walling

Our natural format walling has been designed to mimic the traditional bookleaf and block walling styles that have been used for hundreds of years. When installed correctly it’s almost impossible to tell that this walling is only a facade and not a natural block wall.

We produce these pieces in both flat walling panels and corner pieces, making these styles perfectly suited for any application from internal fireplaces to external columns and pillars.

Grampian natural stone cladding


With earthy tones ranging from brown to grey this natural stone walling is our most popular colour.

Stirling natural stone cladding


The Stirling wall cladding boasts warm, sandy tones making it a popular choice for summer homes.

Macedon natural stone cladding


The Macedon is a larger and more regular walling than our other options, this makes is a good choice for a more modern property.

Kalgan Walling with Grout


The Kalgan walling is a beautiful, soft sandstone in a light white to warm orange tone with a pinch of brown highlight.

Loose Myalla Walling


Myalla is large format, warm quartzite based walling material. Colours range from white to orange with some brown and grey.

Kavalas Dry Stack Walling


The Kavalas slate walling utilises the outside, oxidised portions of the material to achieve soft grey and brown tones.

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