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The present article will be of serious help to those who are looking forward to knowing something worthwhile about the various uses and advantages of stone slabs. All you have to do is to read this up patiently! Stone slabs can be manufactured from any hard stone that has high durability. Generally, marble and granite is used for constructing stone slabs. Granite is an igneous rock which takes many years to form beneath the top layer of the earth. This makes granite an ideal choice of stone to manufacture items that need to be exposed to harsh conditions. Please get to know more about Stone Slabs in Melbourne from us at Granite Works! Read the official website carefully today!


Stone Slabs- Uses


Slabs made out of stones are very helpful. They serve as an essential element which helps in a lot of construction purpose.


  1. Construction of balconies can take place using stone slabs.

  3. Walls can be structured with the help of stone slabs which makes them durable and resistant to damage. Walls of rooms and other adjacent areas can be made using stone slabs.

  5. Roofs of various houses can be made using stone slabs.

  7. Stone slabs can be used to build the base of a fireplace in the house.

  9. Stone slabs in Melbourne serve a useful purpose as the tops of religious altars at the places of worship.

  11. Stone slabs can be used in the kitchen for supporting the act of slicing various food products.

  13. Countertops, tiles can be made using stone slabs.

  15. Floors of buildings can be made from marble stone slabs which gives a touch of elegance to the rooms and surroundings. Various stones can be used for this purpose. Choose the most desirable one for your place! Get Stone Slabs in Melbourne from Granite Works today!

  17. Stone slabs can be used to create benches in the garden to relax!

  19. Stone slabs can be used in parking lots to build the way which takes the cars to the parking place.


Stone slabs are also used for making washboards.


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Cost of Stone Slabs in Melbourne 


Stone slabs are available anywhere in and around Melbourne but at the exchange of a specific cost! A lot of companies solely do business out of selling stone slabs. Granite Works is one of them. If you are interested and are looking for Stone Slabs in Melbourne at the most affordable range get in touch with the experts at Granite Works right away! You can check out the official website right away and place your order! We hope to hear from you at the soonest! Give us a call or mail us! We offer the best goods at the best price! Check the availability of the products with us and order soon!


These are specific care tips that are to be kept in mind regarding Stone Slabs in Melbourne.


 When a commodity is bought, it is always taken into consideration that the item is to be used for a lengthy period. To ensure that the Stone Slabs in Melbourne remain in good condition, follow these steps. These are:


  1. The top surface of the Stone Slabs in Melbourne is to be wiped off regularly after use. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt on the surface!

  3. If the stone used in the manufacture of the slab, then it can resist heat. Many stones are not heat resistant! Check the properties of the stones before installing them.

  5. Scratches can be avoided by using cutting boards while chopping fruits and vegetables.

  7. The slabs that are used in the garden can be cleaned using water and a soft cloth and letting it dry afterwards. No harsh chemicals must be used. This may harm the look and the quality of Stone Slabs in Melbourne.



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